My grandparents

5 th grade students have been working on a project  which was related with their grandparents. We have been learning the past simple tense and the project was perfect to work on the content. Moreover, it was a fantastic opportunity to share stories, and experiences with their relatives and to travel back in time. Students not only had  the opportunity to know more about their grandparents’ life and past times but also to compare them with the life they have nowadays. Most of them said that life was good then but it is easier now.

We conclude that times change and each time is special if you know how to enjoy it. So… times change but they are not better, nor worse.
Here you have a piece of their projects.



Textsbooks, the internet…. usually  make reference to men inventors. Our students have reflected about  that and wondered if women didn’t invent anything during the history.   Of course they did! 6 th students wanted to be the ones to show their mates that women inventors also exist. This project was based on women inventors and in some  way our pupils have been the ones to make a difference and to give them the acknowledgement they deserved.
Here you have some photos of the project:


6th grade studetns have been working with food in the last weeks. In natural science they learned what a balance diet is, and they have cooked a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. Moreover, during these weeks in english we have learned vocabulary related to nutrition and our students have created some recipes of deserts. They were really motivated and worked hard, that is why they gave fantastic presentations! Moreover, they wanted to put their recipes in practise and they have enjoyed cooking in english!

 Here you have some photos and videos of their fantastic job!

They also gave me a recipe that I want to try to cook soon!



It is important for our kids to incorporate exercise to their daily routine. It helps them sleep better, burn off energy and even build stronger thinking skills. Any movement counts: walking to school, playing tag, or turning on music and dancing in the living room. They are all good ways to get our kids move. With this project they show us that they like doing exercise, and during these days we have realized how many exercise we do during the week. Most of them are really active! Students have confessed that they feel really happy and strong practising sport!
Welcome to the new school year! We have started the new school year full of beans! Our students manage easily technology and today we will show here some resources available in the Net: you can practise hours, learn vocabulary, learn numbers, develop your reading and listening skills, play games... You can use them at home and practise the foreign language. Enjoy !

Last Dance! ;)

Hockey, whether played on ice or on a field, is a sport that offers a total-body workout that includes both aerobic and anaerobic elements. The fast-paced nature of the sport provides aerobic exercise, while the reliance on all of the body’s major muscle groups also makes it an anaerobic activity. The result is a number of health benefits to the body, both physically and mentally. But with benefits come risks. Hockey is no exception, and safety should always be a priority when practicing the sport so that health benefits are not negated.